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As a startup business, getting good information and samples of good contracts and forms can be costly and time-consuming.

So we have compiled some samples for you to use, but anything downloaded here carries no rep or warranty of their accuracy or textual context.

We are NOT a law Firm and We are NOT lawyers!!  Do the right thing and have anything you want to use reviewed.  


Looking to engage some Independent Contractors? What you need is a good IC contract to outline the relationship so there is no confusion about the intent of some language. We are not a Law Firm and we certainly do not offer legal advice! This sample IC contract for delivery contractors has been updated over the years to reflect the current regulatory environment. This is a sample only.  Your Lawyer MUST review.



How does your IC model stack up?  Well, take this self-administered audit and find out!

Just starting up?  want to learn how to get up and running and profitable right out of the gate?  Well you may find this eBook helpful

Safety is ALWAYS an issue!  Here is a handy guide to keep your insurance premiums low!

So what's your plan?  You Gotta have a PLAN!  Business plans are useful, but not easy to put together.  Well here is a sample plan for C4C Couriers.  Customize it and make it your own!





FREE On-Line courses on everything logistics!  Download the Alison app and check out all the great FREE course you can take

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